1. Responsibility for the network

CommuteNet is owned and operated by Commute Media Denmark ApS (Commute Media). Use of CommuteNet is subject to a number of conditions that users must be aware of.

Upon acceptance of the terms the user obtains access to CommuteNet in S-trains.

Commute Media endeavors to ensure that information on the network is complete, accurate and updated. Any errors will be as far as possible corrected. Commute Media is not responsible for damage or loss that may arise in using the network / portal, including loss of profits, loss of interest, lost savings, loss of data.

Commute Media is not responsible for the lack of accessibility and the user can not claim any financial compensation.

As a user you agree not to upload or transmit material with content that is illegal, discriminatory, malicious or contrary to the rights of others. Commute Media reserves the right to delete material with such content and disable user access to the network.

As a user, you can be financially responsible for any consequences of illegal, unauthorized or malicious use of the WiFi network.


2. Creating profile on CommuteNet and Privacy

During your first log-on on to CommuteNet you must create a profile. In this context you must provide your email address and your mobile phone number.


CommuteNet is only functional with a Danish mobile phone number.


Commute Media records information about your device (notebook, mobile / smart phone), so you need only log on once with the same device. Are you coming with a new device, you will be prompted to log in with your username and password.

When you put a "tick" in the box next to the text "I give my consent and have read and accepted the terms of use of Commute Net", you agree to the following:


  • You accept and agree to receive information about the use of CommuteNet as well as newsletters and special offers from Commute Media via CommuteNets via e-mail.
  • You agree simultaneously to receive information from DSB Plus (DSB benefit program). Sign up to DSB Plus and receive relevant information and benefits free of charge. Feel free to unsubscribe at any time. When you sign up, you agree to become a member of DSB Plus, you receive targeted information from DSB* about products, including Rejsekort, traffic information, special offers, and competitions via electronic media (e-mail and mobile). At the same time, you grant DSB permission to use your purchase data from the DSB ticket products, including mobile tickets purchased via SMS/text as well as to obtain information from Rejsekort A/S on your Rejsekort**. The information will only be used to offer you personal guidance on DSB products and Rejsekort, as well as benefits such as a DSB Plus membership. DSB will not use your purchase data for any other purposes. DSB will not share your information with partners*** or others. You can unsubscribe at any time.

    * DSB consists of: DSB, Kort & Godt A/S, DSB Oresund A/S.
    ** Includes the following data: Rejsekort type (flex or personal), Customer number, Rejsekort number, date of purchase of Rejsekort and the date of purchase of refill agreement, permission date, revenue by Rejsekort, monthly number of kilometres per Rejsekort, monthly number of travels per Rejsekort, and discount level.
    *** We will send you special offers on behalf of our business partners, e.g. about telecommunications, media and communication services, telephony, broadband, mobile phones, music, movies, games, applications, retail and kiosk products, food, beverages, confectionery, magazines, newspapers, sport, recreation and hobbies sporting equipment, sporting events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema and theatre, museums, amusement parks, adventure tours, dining, consumer electronics, television and radio equipment, computer software and hardware, music and movie players, game consoles. Call us at +45 70 13 14 15 if you have any questions. For the time being, we have no partners outside DSB.
    You always have the right of access to the personal information we hold about you. You may have them corrected or deleted if they are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant. You can even do it yourself on your personal profile page on

You will not receive material with a third party sender. You can at any time unsubscribe to email correspondence in each newsletter. If you unsubscribe, you will continue to have access to CommuteNet.

Commute Media does not record and will not sell sensitive personal information such as. racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious, sexual or philosophical beliefs.

Commute Media does not use your information to contact you otherwise than as described in this condition text.



Storage of records

Personal information, email addresses, statistical data will be saved as long as they are relevant and in accordance with the data protection legislation.

Data Logging

Commute Media has as an Internet service provider (ISP) a logging responsibility. CommuteNet is monitored in accordance with applicable law, and collect data about all connections and disconnections.

If the system was being abused, this information will be used to obtain knowledge of whom and when the system has been used. If it is found that suspicious or illegal acts are comitted via CommuteNet, the information will be given to relevant authorities.

Internet Logging Data is stored under the law 1 year and handled by PET authorized personnel.

Access to the data

Only trusted employees in Commute Media has access to the collected profile data. Data is shared with DSB S-train.

Commute Media share statistics with business partners, where all data is anonymised.


Use of Cookies

Information making it possible to personalize your home page is stored in memory in the form of a cookie.

A cookie is a text file sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on your computer's memory. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, or you can choose to disable cookies altogether. If you disable cookies completely, there will also be a range of other services on CommuteNet / portal, you can not use. Cookies can be used to:

  • To recognize you from visit to visit.
  • To save your preferences from past visits.
  • Only show you pop-ups with explanatory text, you have not seen before.
  • For competitions where it is only allowed to participate only once for each person.

Your Rights
As a registered customer of Commute Media, you have the right to access what information is collected about you via CommuteNet.


If you have further questions about what information Commute Media have collected about you via CommuteNet how to correct erroneous information and how they are treated, please write to:

3. CommuteNet topbar

When you use CommuteNet, you agree that Commute Media can add a 100-130 pix high topbar of your browser window, as long as you are connected to CommuteNet. Top bar will not change the websites you use, but push the content down the page. Top bar contains news updates, travel information and other commercial material that helps finance the free internet access. Top bar is pushed only into the http, port 80 traffic and not on secure https or VPN connections.

4. Support

E-mail support is provided by contacting . Commute Media only provides assistance to get internet acces to CommuteNet and not for general computer problems.


5. Hardware exceptions

The service Commute Media makes available is only compatible with certain phones. The Portal is campatible with the following platforms:

  • PC,- og MAC based standard browsers
  • Android units
  • iPhone / IOS based units
  • webOS


6. Changes in Conditions

The user is informed before connecting via this text to changes to the terms of use of WiFi CommuteNet and the Internet.

Changes can be made by Commute Media without notice.

7. Applicable law and disputes

This agreement is subject to Danish law, and unless otherwise stated, the Danish laws ordinary rules.
Disputes between the parties, can be brought before the ordinary courts.